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Albury Coaching and COVID Cup Selections

Dear members,

The Albury COVID Cup and Junior Coaching is being held from 7th to 11th April 2021. Expressions of Interest were sought for selection in teams to participate in the COVID Cup. Divisions ranged from Under 22 years to Under 11 years. Unfortunately insufficient nominations in the Under 22 division have meant that it will not be run. However, sufficient interest in other divisions sees the competition going ahead for Under 17 to Under 11's . The sourcing of additional funding will make attendance more affordable for families. For all those that returned an EOI and for any potential participants who may now want to attend, details are listed below: 

  • Coaching will be held for Under 22, Under 17, Under 15, Under 13 and Under 11 participants on Wednesday 7 April and Thursday 8 April 2021.  Please nominate via the PANSW database ASAP if attending the coaching (practice only members can nominate for coaching by emailing Elissa Koch, Event Secretary, on elissa.koch@bigpond.com).  
  • On the morning of Friday 9 April 2021 PANSW selectors will select 2 teams in each division from Under 17 to Under 11. These teams will compete in the COVID Cup over the weekend of 10/11 April 2021. If you are NOT attending the coaching but would still like to be considered for selection in the COVID Cup please send email to seo@nswpolocrosse.com.au.  If you returned an EOI but wish to withdraw please notify via email to seo@nswpolocrosse.com.au. All players attending the coaching will be considered for selection in PANSW teams unless they notify otherwise. 
  • PANSW have been asked to provide some players to fill teams as 'wildcards' for other states. These will be announced on Friday 9 April after the NSW team selections. 
  • PANSW will be subsidising the coaching fee for each participant $50.  This reduces the cost for coaching to $50 per participant. 
  • PANSW have been fortunate enough to secure sponsorship from Trans Australian Livestock Transport.  This will pay for shirt costs, admin costs, etc. so the $100 representative fee can now be waived for this event. 
  • The Albury-Holbrook event fee of $80 per player will be passed on to all selected in the COVID Cup. Team managers will collect this fee in cash from players on Saturday 9 April 2021. 

Good luck all players. 

SEO - NSW Polocrosse