Ground Improvement Reimbursable Grants Opportunity


As a result of a highly successful 2016 Nationals, and in appreciation of the support provided by the NSW polocrosse community, the Albury/Holbrook Club donated $10,000 to help NSW Polocrosse Clubs improve their grounds. The PA NSW has decided to maintain this scheme on an annual basis.

Purpose: Improve NSW polocrosse grounds for the welfare of our horses.
Approach: The grants will be on a reimbursable basis.
Assessment: The Board of PA NSW will consider all applications at the Board meeting in February of each year.

Selection Criteria:

Priority will be given to activities which:


Improve the playing surface, including the area within safety lines.

Eg through aeration, seeding, drainage improvement, removal of obstacles, altering access to ensure playing fields are not compromised by vehicle tracks etc.

Second:  Improve access to water points for hosing and watering horses.
Third:  Improve horse yards.

Other issues that will be considered include:

a) The Club’s contribution to the facilities, ie what has, and is, the Club doing to improve their grounds themselves.
b) Value for money.
c) Feasibility of the proposed work and likely impact.


An amount up to $1,000 will be reimbursed to the Club. Additonal funds may be provided in exceptional circumstances, or where facilites are shared by a number of Clubs.

The Grant scheme will continue to be reviewed. If it demonstrates real progress and interest from Clubs to improvement of their playing fields, the scheme should continue in future years.

Other Clubs, who have benefited from conducting major events, or receive exceptional financial windfalls, may also see merit in providing funds to the scheme to support smaller or less financial Clubs. All players competing in NSW will benefit if our State venues have improved playing surfaces.


Also available to clubs is Sport Recovery Funding available upon application.  We encourage applications that outline new ideas or initiatives to encourage new members or increased participation.  These could form part of your annual carnival, other independant events or even a series of smaller activities.

To apply please complete this form;

PANSW Grant Application Form