PANSW Constitution Update

The PANSW Board has undertaken a review of the current PANSW Constitution. The document needed review due to the National governing body making the change from Polocrosse Australia Association to Polocrosse Australia Ltd. 

This necessary action also provided an opportunity to review and update the constitution to align with modern standards. 

There will be ample opportunity for collaboration and discussion on this document prior to it being presented for adoption at the AGM in February 2024. 

All members are encouraged to review the document and submit questions to the SEO which will be answered through a series of Zoom consultation sessions to be held over the coming months.   


Can we receive a copy of the current Constitution with tracked changes to compare the differences?

The current constitution and the updated constitution are not a like-for-like document. While they contain related/similar information the new document follows a more modern layout and style of writing which means providing a version of the current constitution with tracked changes is not plausable. 

Can you provide a one-pager on the significant changes to the document?

Morgan English Lawyers have created a two-page document that highlights the significant changes to the document.

Have a question you would like answered?

Email your questions to and we will provide you with a response.

Information Sessions

Morgan English Lawyers have assisted the PANSW Board in the update of the constitution and will be attending Zoom sessions over the coming months to assist members in understanding what the changes in this document mean.

Information Session One

Tuesday 21 November, 7:30pm

Information Session Two

Tuesday 5 December, 7:30pm

To get the meeting link reach out to your Zone Secretary or simply email