Transfers within NSW

Financial Members

  • Notify your existing club and the club to which you are transferring, and have both clubs’ approval emailed to at least 7 days before the transfer is to occur.
  • If the State Umpire Committee considers the transfer is in the best interest of Polocrosse and not for the sole purpose of winning a tournament or match the transfer will be completed.
  • If a player seeks a second transfer in the same calendar year a 30 day stand down may apply unless extenuating circumstances are approved by PANSW.
  • Any transferring player must play two (2) tournaments prior to being eligible to compete for their new club at the PANSW Club or Zone Championships.

Unfinancial Members

A player wishing to renew their membership and join a new club may do so in the next calendar year without applying for the above transfers. Notify your new club treasurer/secretary and they will be able to organise your transfer on the database.

Financial Members Interstate Transfers

  • Go to: PANSW Membership Database
  • Login with your member number and password
  • Go to the Personal Tab, Interstate Transfer, and select ‘Lodge and Interstate Transfer Application’
  • Complete the transfer to club details and submit.
  • SEO will complete transfer once approval from the State Umpiring Committee has been given.

Unfinancial Members Interstate Transfers

  • Contact the PANSW database officer, Kaylene Wilson ( and advise which state/club you would like to transfer to. She will be able to organise the transfer on the online database.